Volumes Bookcafe Story Goes Viral

Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago, Ill., has gone viral after co-owner Rebecca George vented on Twitter about a customer asking to return $800 worth of art books purchased in early December, NBC Chicago reported.

The tweet, which George posted on Monday and has since been viewed more than 6.6 million times, reads: "Turns out one of our biggest sales last month was for the person to stage their home for the holidays and now they want to return them all. Please don't do this to a small business, people. That one sale was a third of our rent."

George told NBC that "the fall was tough," and the team was thrilled about the art book purchase. "We needed it right then."

The customer called about returning the books on Monday, which was after the end of the store's 30-day return period. George noted that "much negotiation" led to a compromise of store credit.

The viral tweet, meanwhile, has led to Volumes Bookcafe "getting tons and tons of orders overnight from all over the U.S., and we are so thankful for it."

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