Masking Up: Cool Kids' Posters at the Country Bookshop in N.C.

Kimberly Daniels Taws of the Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, N.C., told us that when Governor Roy Cooper put in mask requirements, the rules stated that children under 11 were "encouraged (not required) to wear masks. We had been requiring all who enter to wear masks (if your child does not want to wear one it is ok if you keep them in a stroller or carry them). Immediately after his announcement we had parents saying their children did not have to wear masks because they were under 11.

"Trying to have a discussion around the rules to be in this space began to get uncomfortable and we reached out to author and illustrator Matthew Myers (Hum and Swish), a fellow North Carolinian, to see if he could help us come up with something that would keep the conversation still and light and welcoming but still enforce our desires for all who enter to wear masks. He came up with these brilliant designs with our logo at the bottom (the ones in the link have room for anyone to add their logo). He generously wanted to make these available to other indie stores as well."

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