'The 12 Best Specialty Bookshops in NYC'

"Independent bookstores are still going strong" in New York City, 6sqft wrote in showcasing "the 12 best specialty bookshops in NYC," from Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks and the Mysterious Bookshop to Albertine Books in French & English and Idlewild Bookshop.

Larger "standout" bookstores continue "to provide literary New Yorkers with the written word despite the specter of Amazon," 6sqft noted. "But while the aforementioned shops are great places to find new and used literature, if you're looking for a more curated collection, look no further than some of the city's finest specialty bookstores, where mystery fiends, activists, artists, Francophiles, and others can find works tailored to their interests, as well as rub shoulders with like-minded readers."

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