Heiress Gone Wild

When he agreed to be guardian to his business partner's daughter, Englishman Jonathan Deverill was under the impression she was a child. When his partner dies and he finds out the truth, it disrupts his plans to leave her at the school where he meets her. American teacher Marjorie hadn't seen her father in years and refuses to mourn a man she barely knew. She sees her inheritance as an opportunity to experience life outside the confines of the academy. Not willing to be left behind, Marjorie defies Jonathan's rules and follows him to England. Between the close confines of the ship and their maddening attraction to each other, both parties enter in a slow dance toward romance.

In Laura Lee Guhrke's fourth installment in the Dear Lady Truelove series, Heiress Gone Wild, Marjorie's life is just beginning while Jonathan's is at a standstill. Her wish to experience traditional courtship is at odds with her desire to be with him. Jonathan is torn between his new life as a self-made man and his previous dream to run the family's publishing house. Jonathan can seem cruel at times, as he handles his attraction to Marjorie by continually pushing her away and making her adhere to conservative English mourning traditions. But ultimately his feelings for Marjorie and his slow personal growth make him the man that Marjorie wanted all along. Their love story, along with the return of Jonathan's warm and kind family (met in the previous books) make this a welcome finale to the series. --Amy Dittmeier, adult services librarian, Brookfield Public Library, Ill.

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